Clearing a metric ton of dust

Yeesh it's been forever and a day hasn't it? Projects have been started and fell into development oblivion, though we've constantly been keeping up with our writing, so a ton of scripts are sitting in The Collection, waiting to be turned into films! At the very least we still have the YouTube channel still on going, so go check it out if you wanna kill some time listening to some podcasts!

Clearing Even More Dust

So it's been a while since I've posted, and jeez is my schedule busy! Between editing, filming and working on general stuffs, I don't know how people in the industry do it! Maybe because they have other people to manage their stuff lol, but in either case the teaser/reveal trailer for "Project: Ironclad" is nearly complete! So keep an eye out for it once it's released as well as the accompanying Indiegogo Launch Campaign! Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets funded :)

Clearing Dust and Stuff

Wow it has been a while hasn't it since the site went live? 

Anyway, here's some updates:

Started a new show that can be found on the YouTube channel, Gary and Mac. Hopefully we'll be able to post new episodes weekly.

Still working on Project: Ironclad, but it is moving at a turtles pace. Once we get the next few scenes done however, the Indiegogo Campaign will be launched!

There's also a couple of uploads on the YouTube Channel, one is a mock trailer for a theater presentation project that I felt like putting up and the other is a mock sequel trailer for a cartoon on one of my other channels. You know, just something stupid and fun.

That's it for now fans, keep checking back when you can! We'll be a lot more active once the summer season starts!

Up and Running

So it's Day 1 here at! So happy I finally managed to get this thing up and running! (Roll Credits!) 

A lot of stuff is still under construction, but with it being a work in progress, you'll see little by little start cropping up. 

I'd also like to dedicate this first blog post to my wife Ashley, whom without her love and support, none of this would be possible.